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This page contains all information related to our privacy policy and how Your (furthermore “User”, “Users”, or “You”) data is processed by (furthermore “We” or “Website”).

Data processing methods

We treat User data with utmost care for security and take effective measures to prevent unauthorized access, prevention, or modification of data provided by Users. The data is processed through relevant IT tools and computers with strict compliance measures for safety purposes.

Website owners may have access to User data, or persons in charge of operations and management of the Website. User data may sometimes be shared with third parties with strict confidentiality, such as IT companies and technical service providers, who provide User data processing on behalf of the Website owners.

As a User, You have a right to ask the Website owners for a full list of these third parties.

Legal reasons for data processing

The Website reserves the right to process User data in any of the following cases:

  • The User has given approval for a certain purpose.
  • The User data is processed as required by law that the Website owners are obligated to follow.
  • The data processing is a necessary step to execute an effective contractual agreement between the User and the Website.
  • The data processing acts in the public interest on behalf of a public authority.
  • The data is processed for a legitimate purpose by the owner or a third party.

At any time, You can request the Website owners to explain any legal regulations that required the processing of Your personal data.

What type of information is collected

We store User data anonymously. The data we collect is not tied to Your identity. The type of data we collect may include the Users’ browser information (type of browser, version), device information (mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet), operating system (type and version), geographical location, IP address, the specific timeframe of when You accessed our Website.

Data processing locations

We process User data through the physical location where our Website is hosted, as well as other locations of third parties involved in the data processing. Depending on the location of the User, data may be processed at a different country from the Users’ country of residence.

As a User, You are entitled to know the legal basis for data transfers to organizations governed by public international laws and the security measures taken by the Website owners that ensure the protection of Your data.

The User has the right to request data transfer information at any time, upon which the Website owners will be obligated to respond.

Data retention period

User personal data will be processed and kept for as long as it’s required for the purpose for which it was collected.

Personal data collected for the legitimate interests of the Website will be kept until the owner’s defined purposes have been accomplished.

Personal data collected as part of a contractual obligation between the Website owner and User will be kept for the full duration of that contract.

The Website may store user data that exceeds the contractual obligation unless the User objects.

The Website may store user data that exceeds the contractual obligation if this action is needed to comply with a legal obligation or court order.

Once the data retention period expires, the User’s personal data will be deleted.

The purposes of data collection and processing

User data is collected to enable the Website to provide its services in an efficient manner, as well as improve the quality of said services. User data is useful for traffic analysis and Website performance assessment.

Users’ rights

Users have the option of control over how their data is handled by the Website owner by exercising certain rights such as:

  • Withdraw approval (if prior consent for data collection and processing was already provided by the User).
  • Oppose the processing of personal data if they have not provided the Website with explicit consent.
  • Obtain a copy of the User data being processed by requesting it from the Website owner.
  • Verify the accuracy of the provided data, and – if needed – correct it.
  • Restrict the processing of their data, in which case the Website owner will not process user data for any other purpose besides storage
  • File a complaint with a relevant data protection authority
  • Right to object to personal data processing. If the User’s personal data is processed in the public interest, or on behalf of an official legal power, or a legitimate purpose clearly defined by the Website, the User has a right to object if he provides a legitimate reason for this objection.
  • If the User’s personal data is processed for marketing purposes, the User may object without providing justification.

How can the User exercise these rights?

If the User wishes to exercise any of these rights, he may do so by making a formal request to the Website owner. The Website owner will respond within 30 days.

Changes to the privacy policy

The Website and its owner have the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. The User will be informed directly on the Website of any such changes. If it is legally and technically possible, We may notify Users through any provided contact information provided by the User.

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